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About Arpita's
Mission & Vision

"We look before and after and pine for what is not", lamented a Romantic poet centuries back. And that 'pining' for the ideal has always raged in the human heart. We are hardly contented with what we have and we strive unendingly to achieve the ultimate'. And such striving for the ultimate and still remaining ever discontented becomes palpable when it comes to an Indian womans search for her quintessential Saree. Of course, it's the belles of Bengal who top such lists of ever-exploring individuals but their counterparts from other provinces do not lag much behind either. They too strive to find sarees of their choice and still struggle to find satisfaction with their buy.

A quintessential Bengali, Arpita Roy confronted the same dilemma: How to find an attractive saree that would remain unique even after years? Endowed with an indomitable spirit, Arpita tried to find a solution to this. She crisscrossed the country to reach the traditional weavers very own niches in the hope of finding real treasures from the depth of ocean, as it were...

Arpita had a mixed bag of feelings as she undertook this cultural pilgrimage. She was overwhelmed with the weavers' simplicity and hospitality despite their not so enviable journey of life. But she was also shocked to see the degree of exploitation such weavers are routinely subjected to.

Arpita thus expanded her priorities. She had travelled in search of choicest sarees for herself but then decided to make such works of wonder available to others as well. "The quest commenced as I wanted to help myself; but the whole thing became much more meaningful as it would now help many more...the weavers since I buy directly from them, other saree-lovers like me since my place would offer them a veritable treasure house and also, definitely myself as well since I found the solution to the original problem...the problem of choice," justifies Arpita who remains at heart a die-hard saree-lover.

Come to Arpita's Weaver Gallery. Rest assured that you will be spoilt with choices. Saree buying will never remain the same for you...